oUR MOBILE BUTCHER SHOP IS A BRand new ENCLOSED TRAILER OUTFITTED with coolers and freezers to offer a full walk-in and shop experience at farmers markets, festivals, feasts, and even in your driveway!  aLL MEATS ARE CUT AND PACKAGED BY US IN SCIENCE HILL, KY AT SUMMIT MEAT PROCESSING.  eVERY HOT DOG, SAUSAGE, SNACK STICK AND PIECE OF JERKY IS MADE IN HOUSE!

 LOCAL MEATS, Modern twist

We pride ourselves in raising and purchasing local stock that has been fed the correct diet, that has been humanely handled, and that is of the highest quality available.  We add the convenience of bringing it directly to you.  The very definition of "Farm To Table".


Serving the finest cuts of meat

Quality is our number 1 priority!  Our steaks will be the best tasting as well as most tender you can buy anywhere in the country.  Every cut is both wet and dry aged.  We also offer up to 45 day dry aging for an absolutely exceptional eating experience.



We are now booking festivals, farmers markets, and other food related events for 2019 as well as signing people up for our local routes.  If you have interest in us stopping by your business or your home please contact us.


CHOOSE LOCAL, choose sustainable, choose taste, choose health

Sustainably raised meat is fantastic; it tastes great, it’s produced without destroying the environment or threatening public health, and its sale supports responsible farmers who choose to use sound agricultural practices. Unfortunately, it’s more expensive to raise animals sustainably than to mass-produce them on a factory farm (these industrial operations benefit from hefty government subsidies — and don’t have to pay for the damage they cause). As a result, sustainably raised meat usually costs more than the cheap meat churned out by factory farms.

But don’t be discouraged; you and your family can still enjoy sustainable meat — even if you're on a tight budget, by choosing quality over quantity. Why not experiment? One week, take the money you would have spent on meat, and use it to buy a smaller amount of sustainably raised meat from The Mobile Butcher. While you will eat less meat that week, you may find that you don’t miss the factory farmed stuff one bit when you taste the delicious, sustainable alternative. And, with Americans, on average, eating twice as much meat as is recommended for a healthy diet, eating less meat of higher quality may be just what the doctor ordered. A few benefits of sustainably raised meat:

Superior Taste

Most people agree that sustainably raised foods simply taste better than anything produced by industrial agriculture. Ever compared a fresh tomato from a farmers' market to a tomato grown on a megafarm and shipped before it’s even ripened? There’s a dramatic difference. Likewise, you can expect sustainably raised meats to be much more flavorful than factory farmed varieties. It’s no surprise that top restaurants and chefs choose to serve sustainable meat — it just tastes better!

Health Benefits

Sustainably raised meats have a wide range of nutritional benefits. Compared to factory farmed meat, sustainable meat from animals raised on pasture contains less fat, fewer calories, and higher levels of essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, beta carotene, and other important nutrients. As an added benefit, sustainably raised meat is produced without the use of growth hormones, nontherapeutic antibiotics, or unsavory feed additives that undermine public health. And of course, unlike factory farms, sustainable farms don’t sicken workers and neighbors by spewing harmful pollutants into the environment.


Food Safety

These sustainably raised meats are  processed at a small-scale facilities called Summit Meat Processing, we cater to small scale farmers and strive to maintain high standards of food safety. Factory farmed meat is chopped up at huge, industrial slaughterhouses where rapid production lines dramatically increase the risk of contamination by foodborne pathogens. As a result, these industrial processing facilities have been associated with major outbreaks of foodborne illness such as E. coli— and are periodically forced to conduct massive recalls of tainted meat in order to contain the damage done to the public. Although pathogens can contaminate any type of food, the abysmal safety record of factory farmed meat from mega-slaughterhouses leads many consumers to choose sustainably raised meat instead.


Farms and Communities

Purchasing sustainably raised meat helps support farmers who raise livestock responsibly. Given the dramatic shift towards industrial megafarms and the get-big-or-get-out philosophy of agriculture, it’s more important than ever to support the small family farms that continue to raise fresh, nutritious meat and produce using sustainable agricultural practices. Family farms also play a vital role in rural areas, stimulating local economies, strengthening community ties, and protecting natural resources for future generations. You can make your food dollars count by supporting these farms when you purchase meat.

Animal Health

On sustainable farms, animals are treated humanely; they're able to graze on pasture, carry out natural behaviors, and live without undue stress or cruel treatment. Factory farms, on the other hand, severely compromise animal welfare by cramming livestock into small, enclosed buildings where filthy, crowded conditions lead to excessive stress and widespread disease. These animals suffer needlessly so that factory farms can produce cheap meat, and this cruelty is subsidized with your tax dollars.

Environmental Benefits

Factory farms have devastating impacts on the environment, continuously polluting air, surface water, groundwater, and soil with a host of hazardous contaminants. Fortunately, sustainable farms recognize the importance of environmental stewardship, and use responsible agricultural practices to protect the environment for future generations. When you buy meat from a sustainable farm, you help support these efforts.


Steak perfection takes time

Wet and Dry aging are very different yet very important pieces of creating a quality piece of meat.  A carcass needs to wet age and hang for at least 14 days to ensure proper blood diffusion, enhanced tenderness, and added flavor.  The dry aging process is very different but just as important, through this it adds many new flavor profiles and can greatly improve tenderness.  Many times we dry age from 14 to 45 days.  Starting with quality beef and combining both these principles you end up with a product that will surpass restaurant quality. 

more than just meat

We sell farm fresh eggs which are raised on a very small farm by a gentleman and his wife who do nothing but tend to around 100 free range chickens every day.

We are a retailer for a few brands that we have found to be only the best quality in a couple different areas. 

The first is Pampered Chef. 

We use Pampered Chef products every day in our home and they make a very good quality, user friendly product.  They are high quality when you buy them and they stand behind their products.

The second is Rada Cutlery.  

We own several dozen Rada knives and they have stood up to a significant amount of use and lots of rounds through a dishwasher.  We use them everyday.

The third is Melissa and Doug Toys.

Melissa and Doug makes some of the highest quality, longest lasting toys our two boys have ever had.  They withstand the test of time and many my 5 year old played with, our 1 year old is playing with now.


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